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  • X3DOM (pronounced as X - Freedom) is an experimental open-source framework and runtime to support the ongoing discussion in the Web3D and W3C communities how an integration of HTML5 and declarative 3D Read More

  • Every time a web page delays by one second it results in ♦ 18% decrease in customer satisfaction ♦ 12% fewer page views ♦ 10% loss in conversion Read More

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  • Thanks Brother.... You know Sathick... you do excellent work, very inspired... just going to hold you to your own high standards... not going to let this awesome piece of work get messed up.

    - Mr.David

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for this software for over a year! Even made a number of attempts at having other scripts modified unsuccessfully. There are a couple of quirks with Bidonn

    - Mr.Steve

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